Softail Bobber  $27k
coming soon ... for more information  contact Uncle Bill
Interested in a Trike Bobber... for around $27k..
Contact Uncle Bill......

OK  this is my speedster, been working on it for almost 3 years, it can in a crate from South Aftrica, I obtained a WRX halft cut and grafted in the Turbo Engine in, located the radiator discretely in the the front, re flared the wheel archs to fit the 10" rear and 8" front wheels...porsche 911 instruments, SAAS seats ands so on.....
Just had it painted black last week, anyone wants great paint job at a reasonable price call me and I'II put you in contach with Shane....
Wife wanted a convertable to go at her pace, so now we have a 1948 Austin Tourer... No speeding tickets in this one ... I'm  now thinking about driving it myself
Ok Ok what is it you ask ??.... started life as a 1973 VW Beetle.... this is not my build, but its what I'm modeling after ... anyone paint flames  ??
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1956 F100 LHD...Motor Chev 350,
4 wheel disc bakes....Chevelle front end
20' x 10" wheels all round ... clean.
Merc 320ML  Slick paint job,,, lots of AMG options... 26" wheels .
Morgan Replica out of the UK... almost ready for the road  .  Honda CX500 engine
Bill traveling the USA in style .
Bugg Eyed Sprite.....
Fitted with 2 lite Super Charged Cosworth Engine   Mustang 5 speed box... Mazda RX7 Diff
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