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   Competition Series

Bore: 4.00”
Stroke: 4.5”
Piston: Forged
Compression: 10.2:1
Rated Power: 120RW Horsepower
120 LB FT Torque
Camshaft:  .640” lift
Pushrods: Crane
Valve Spring: Ultima®
Chrome Nose Cone / Rocker Boxes
Billet Oil Pump
Chrome Tappet Blocks
True to their name,
the  El Bruto Engines are horsepower
extrordinaires. They are the
most powerful EVO
configuration of these sizes.
These brutes have features
which insure long life and
pure riding enjoyment
for those who need ultimate

Born In The U.S.A.™
Engine Sizes Avalible

107 C.I.  115 HP
120 LB FT Torque

100 CI   110 HP
110  LB FT Torque

113 C.I. 120 HP
120 LB FT Torque.
Harley Davidson 80ci. EVO crate motor

NEW HARLEY 1340cc Evolution
Since the first single cylinder built in 1903, engines have been the heart and soul of Harley-Davidson history. Each motor has made its unique contribution, and the V2 Evolution® engine is no exception.
Available in Black and Chrome

Utima's® new 6-SPEED Transmissions are the ultimate for bikes with 100+ horsepower engines.

Designed to compliment our new El Bruto® series engines or any high horsepower unit you¹ve created, they are packed with features and are delivered with a 2 year/20,000 mile limited warranty.

Features include:
Gears and shafts made from hardened 8620 steel giving you years of service with big inch engines.

Pro-cut lead-in ramps for positive shifting.
Aluminum bronze shift forks for durability and longevity.
Roller detent gives you smooth, positive shifting action.
Billet trap door.
Reinforced transmission case machined from permanent mold A356-T6 aluminum.
Close ratio 2.94 low gear set.
Assembled by professionals and bench tested.