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All Kits are Supplied......Ready To Ride.......Painted and Assembled

You Choose the Options,  You Choose the Colors

Uncle Bill offers Bobber kits that can be customised to suit the individual requirments

Uncle Bills Kits... Not like any other bike, not like any other kit

Uncle Bill will help you every step of the way

Bobber Build:

Frame: Kraft no stretch, bobber style  powder painted Gloss black


Harley Evo

Ultima El Bruto 100 motor
Ultima El Bruto 100 polished motor
Ultima El Bruto 107 motor
Ultima El Bruto 107 polished motor
Ultima El Bruto 113 motor
Ultima El Bruto 113 polished motor
Ultima Black Gem

Others As requested

Transmission: Ultima 6-speed    finish to suit above

Primary: Complete Ultima 3.35 " open belt drive included inner primary and offset kit  ( polished )

Io comply with Australia Law the belt must be covered 

1 Std Black triple Tree

Wheel options  60 spoke
Front   21"  powder black coated or Chrome rim  
Rear   18”   powder black coated or chrome rim    250

Front 16' x 6  powder black coated or Chrome rim 200
Rear 16" x 8  powder black coated or Chrome rim 240

Gas tank: 3.5 gal. king tank   Painted Powder Coated flat Black

Oil tank: round old school style. Filler cap on side Painted Powder Coated flat Black

Fender: Rear 14 ga. round top with krafttech rear Fender Brace, need to add approx 4 in to length as the fender must go close to 9 o’clock on the wheel  Aust Design Rule,  

Fender Front    Style of the Krafttech

Front brakes- Jbrake Quad Series billet, 4 piston polished w/rotor

Rear brakes- jbrake Quad Series billet 

Carb and Electronics as supplied with the engine

Foot controls- Midwest polished billet

Hand controls- Jbrake smooth chrome

Bars: 8" ape hangers   Black

Kickstand:  bolt on type  

Headlight: Black billet 5 ¾ 

Grips- Old school

Pipes- Chrome (will change as needed for noise restrictions)(( something like the Ultima Big Growl Long Rifles,)) 
Starter- Supertorque polished ( Utlima )

Coil - Drag
Wiring Harness including module,  we used the Ultima  Plus  Advanced Harness 

Starter Key assembly and mounting kit

Rectifier- Drag

Module- Harley Davidson

Plug wires- Drag

Contol Cables 

Brake Lines  DOT approved

Analog Speedo / Tacho
Speedo Cable Drive
Tacho Electronic

Mini Dash   must have 5 lites .  
Neutral lite                 ###
High Beam lite           Blue
Left Turning Lite        Green
Right Turning Lite      Green
Oil Pressure warning lite  Red

Mirrors x 2   Small  3 “  round  

Turn signals  ( small bullet  style )





Chain Guard

Ultima El Bruto 113 Black Diamond

Transmission: Ultima 6-speed  Black finish on)

Primary: Complete Ultima 3.35 " plus inner primary and offset kit 
Possible alternatives 3” belt drive that have a enclosed cover optional

Optional  Oil Cooler   Dual Kool as per mid west  73-55  or equivalent

Kits Not Avalible
Bikes ONLY